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Adoption Process
Child Intake
Following counseling, children who are relinquished for adoption by the birth parents are taken in by KWS.
Prior to relinquishing a child for adoption, multiple counseling services and information regarding child rearing is provided to the birth parents.
Interim Care
The child being taken in by KWS is temporarily taken to a baby’s reception home and/or foster home.
During temporary care, children receive regular health check-ups while case workers , assigned to each child, find a suitable foster home to which children are placed.
Foster Care
Children that are placed at foster homes make regular visits to ‘Hansuh Medical Clinic,’ which is operated by KWS, and other medical facilities for check-ups and immunizations.. In cases where additional check-ups and/or treatments are required, children receive medical services at university hospitals.
Case workers, assigned to each child, check the children’s health and development on a regular basis . Case workers provide necessary services to the children and foster families , such as child care products, child care counseling for foster parents, foster family support, etc.
Children are taken care of by foster families until the adoption process is completed and they are placed with adoptive families.
Matching with
the Adoptive
Matching with the Adoptive Family
Matching with the Adoptive Family
Priority is give n to domestic adoption for the initial 5 month period.
After the initial 5 month period, children that have not been able to find adoptive families domestically are recommended for matching with adoptive families overseas.
Once a child is matched with an adoptive family, the legal process commences.
Legal & Visa
Legal & Visa Process
Legal & Visa Process
Documents of the child that is matched with an adoptive family are submitted to the Ministry of Health and Welfare and Exit Permit is granted.
Documents of the child that obtained Exit Permit are submitted to the Seoul Family Court to apply for adoption permission.
Once the court date is decided, the adoptive parents visit Korea and attend a court hearing.
Once the decision on adoption permission is made, it is confirmed by the court after 15 days.
After the decision on adoption is confirmed, in case it is a country that requires a visa for the child, a visa application form is submitted to the embassy.
Prior to the visa application, the child receives a physical check-up.
Adoptive parents visit Korea again to greet the child and attend the visa interview at the embassy.
The child and adoptive parents depart from Korea after obtaining the visa.
Post Placement
Supervision &
Post Adoption
Post Placement Supervision & Post Adoption Services
Post Placement Supervision & Post Adoption Services
Once the child departs from Korea, post placement reports are required to be submitted to KWS at least 4 times within the first year.
Various post adoptive services are provided to the adoptee and adoptive family, as needed.