Children in need of family

Some babies cannot keep the balance of their bodies if no one gives a hand. To such children, family is indispensable.
We continue this campaign all the year round with a view to helping the children stay under foster care full of love before they are adopted.

Foster family bringing happiness

In addition, children in need of long-term treatment may incur more expenses as they need to go through a variety of treatment programs including physical therapy, play therapy, and the like. It costs about one million won a month to take care of a child. Foster parents, however, have trouble and make every effort to take care of children devotedly, which is literally priceless.

Social Welfare Society, Inc. stands by 250 foster families around the country.
It costs at least one million won to raise a child at home healthily.

If each of 100 supporters donates 10 thousand won every month on a regular basis for a period of one year, about 12 children can be fostered at home healthily.

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