Children waiting to be adopted yearn to see their peers. “I want to go to a child-care center.”

A rare genetic disorder detected out of the blue one day
Hyeon-su was exceptionally small in comparison with the little children his age. The distinction got more obvious as he got older and it was hard to sense which one was older or younger when he was with his younger friends. It could have been okay if his small stature was the only concern. He was diagnosed with multiple epiphyseal dysplasia (MED), though, when he was 6 months.

Multiple epiphyseal dysplasia is a rare genetic disorder which is characterized by skeletal malformations of the growing ends of bones. It can include the symptoms of abnormally short thighbones, hands, and fingers, normal or a little small height, waddling gait, and pain in the pelvises and knees. Osteoarthritis can begin when about 5 years old.

Held in the arms of his foster mother, Hyeon-su goes to the hospital.
The particular symptoms of multiple epiphyseal dysplasia are shown differently depending on each person. Starting from his little childhood, Hyeon-su was held in the arms of his foster mother to undergo medical treatment. Although he was not a child born through the pains in her belly, she felt utterly heartbroken whenever she stepped into the hospital with him in her arms. She raced around from and to here and there every time she had to do something for him.

His suspicious multiple epiphyseal dysplasia appeared otherwise normal after the examination conducted last February and it could be thanks to his devoted foster mother. It was told that he would have to continue to take the examination as the length of his both legs is in disparity.

Wishing he enjoyed every day as quite normally as other children did...
Four years have already passed since Hyeon-su began to wait for the day he would be embraced by adoptive mother and father. We have striven to look for a family that would enfold this child with love, still we have been unable to find one willing to adopt him with the suspicious multiple epiphyseal dysplasia.

His foster mother longs for him to grow in a loving home and spend quite normal a day ever, going to a child-care center and sharing birthday cakes as other children do.

We look forward to benefactors’ precious sharing.
The donations made through the caring love of our benefactors will be used to support the children who do not get child-care benefits, including Hyeon-su and those under the care of foster homes while waiting for adoption, so that they can go to child-care centers like other children. This way we intend to help the children enhance their sociality through interaction with one another and undergo the therapy which is necessary to treat delay disorders in linguistic development. Your encouraging support till Hyeon-su and his friends can lead a normal and common life every day will be highly appreciated.

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