“Grandma, stay healthy and live longer!”

  Mom ran away from home and Dad was imprisoned.

  It was 100 days after her second child So-jin was born that Ga-on and So-jin’s mother ran away from home, leaving the two children behind. Their father tried every means available to search for their mother, but he could not find any sign of her. From then on, Ga-on and So-jin lived with their father and grandmother.

  Their father met another woman later on. They started to cohabit and the two child girls had to live with their grandmother. But their father was imprisoned as he did violence to the woman and accordingly, the two children’s grandmother began to take care of them all by herself.

  Grandma and her two granddaughters left all alone

  The 81-year-old grandmother has a level-five physical disability. She had an operation on her unhealthy pelvis once before. As she recently felt a pain in the pelvis getting worse, another operation has been performed. It is hard for her to walk around, though. She leads her daily life, going out in a wheelchair and using a stick in the house. She cannot afford to take care of her health, nevertheless, because she should look after her two granddaughters all the time. It is too much for her to look after both 11-year-old granddaughter and 9-year-old one. She lives persistently today as she knows she is the only one to the children.

  For her grandchildren, Grandma pulls herself together today again.

  The grandmother and her children currently live their daily lives, receiving the basic livelihood subsidy and the supplementary living allowance. They are short of money for living expenses day by day, but no other person is in a position to extend help to the grandmother, Ga-on, and So-jin. The only help was the housing support of the local community center designed to be provided to the vulnerable. It was available for the grandmother and her two grandchildren when they were in hot water with no house to live in together.

  The grandmother would rather take care of Ga-on and So-jin till they are full-grown. However, she always feels uneasy as she grows weaker and weaker physically and she cannot see until when she will be able to take care of them in this situation. Ga-on and So-jin keep saying that they wish Grandma who is everything in the world to stay healthy and live longer.

  Precious donations are used this way.

  Helping hands are necessary for the grandmother who is bearing the physical pain to rear her granddaughters, and many children who are growing up brightly despite of the absence of their parents as well. Social Welfare Society, Inc. intends to provide financial support to Grandma, Ga-on, and So-jin for medical expenses, cost of living, and educational expenditure, and also extend help to other children in want of it. Our supporters’ precious consideration and attention will be deeply appreciated.

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