Please help get medical treatment within the golden hours

Given birth prematurely by a young unmarried mother, Do-hyeon can be led to an emergency merely by a slight symptom. His doctor says that nobody can be set at ease for a moment and it is very important not to miss the golden hours for having him treated. For Do-hyeon, it is not ‘an option’ but ‘a must’ to get proper treatment at the right time.

Do-hyeon, a premature baby left alone

Born after only seven months of gestation to be a tiny little baby weighing 1 kg., Do-hyeon had to be moved into an incubator and put in intensive care. He survived many life-threatening situations until he was nestled in his mother’s arms. His mother did not have confidence enough to raise her sick baby, though. She at a tender age had not perceived the real significance of pregnancy by the time she gave birth to him with no preparation at all. She had to cope with everything on her own. Economic hardships and child-care burdens weighed heavily on her shoulders. The only thing she could do was to pray for his health. She had no alternative but to send her baby to an institution taking care of little children.

No one knows when an emergency will take place

Do-hyeon arrests all the attention of his brothers and sisters living together with him. Because he has a very small physique. He is four months old, and still he weighs only 4.3 kg. It is not even close to 7.9 kg. which is the average weight of the children his age. It may be the reason why an emergency happens to him from time to time. The other day, Do-hyeon who used to be okay began to breathe hard all of a sudden. His symptoms got more serious rapidly overnight. Saving his breath on the oxygen respirator, the little and feeble boy fought for his life strugglingly. At last, he was diagnosed with pneumonia and bronchiolitis. The doctor says that even a minor symptom can lead to an emergency in the case of a little child who was born prematurely.

In order to prevent his illness from continuing

Premature babies like Do-hyeon whose unmarried mothers gave birth to them without undergoing prenatal health care are likely to have unexpected diseases caused by the mothers’ undernourishment, exposure to harmful environment, and so on. The most important thing is to keep the golden hours for treatment. Illnesses may continue for the rest of their lives if proper treatment is not given to them at the right time. Please share your warm hearts so that Do-hyeon will not miss the golden hours for being treated. Sick children are often adopted belatedly or lose the opportunities to be adopted. Your deep consideration and love will encourage him to stay healthy when meeting a new family where he can dream of better tomorrow.

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