Miracle of 1.08kg

Dong-hui was born as a baby with a very low birth weight. Presumably the multiple diseases he had caused his slow growth and stiffening body. His mother or father who needed to take care of him were not beside him, though. The bud of hope began to open through the supporters’ sharing.

Dong-hui with a very low birth weight

Weighing 1.08 kg. at birth, Dong-hui was brought into the world after 26 weeks of gestation, so as to, before a period of about 10 months that he was supposed to stay in the belly of his mother passed. His weak body had to turn the corner on the oxygen respirator a number of times. And his hospital bills were being piled up······ His mother who was a minor then did not have the confidence to raise him good. Though she hardly made daily bread, she could not ask for help of her parents who were divorced. She could not help but decide for adoption in the hope that he would be properly treated and

grow up healthy. 

The body getting stiff

Dong-hui was taken into the care of a foster family and seemed to get stable there. Problems arose before long, though. He became 7 months old, but he could not do anything yet unlike other children able to start holding their heads up in 3 months after born. His body getting stiff by degrees······ His doctor said that he could have cerebral palsy due to hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy, intraventricular hemorrhage, and periventricular leukomalacia. He had to be given urgent rehabilitation treatment as cognitive disorder and linguistic disorder as well as motor disorder could possibly develop.

A small but miraculous change

Thanks to the supporters’ sharing, Dong-hui underwent the physical therapy relaxing and developing his muscles. The symptoms of his developmental disability continued last year and he was sent to an institutional facility for disabled children where more specialistic treatment was available. Sensory integration therapy helping build muscle strength was also applied. He is already three years old now. Wearing his brace appliance and holding an object, he can stand and move his body a bit. Though he cannot walk on his own yet, he eventually made a miraculous change. He will hopefully make more changes while he go through treatment continually.