Miracle of Christmas 2019
It is December when cheerful carols resound all over and colorful trees glitter. Come Christmas, children are buoyant with anticipation picturing to themselves the gifts to be put at their bedside by Santa Claus and the outings to take with all their family members. However, the children who have been left alone in the world to be taken into the care of institutional facilities and the children of single-parent families are more lonesome and desolate than usual. Social Welfare  Society, Inc. has waged a campaign in the hope that the forlorn children would have their wishes fulfilled. ‘Miracle of Christmas 2019’― The locales which were heartwarming and happy are presented below.

"The Christmas wishes that we were eager to get finally came true."

“Grandpa Santa, please hear my wish”
We should look into the children’s minds in the first place so as to make their Christmas wishes come true, don’t we? “Grandpa Santa will supposedly answer your wish if you write a wish card.” Listening to the words the social workers and their mothers say, the children write down their wishes which have been embedded in their hearts. What kinds of wishes would be in their cards they rewrite with deliberation again and again?

Santa’s gift packs filled with his wholeheartedness
Doesn’t it look like the children’s earnest minds yearning to get their Christmas wishes were conveyed? A number of enterprises and citizens were willing to play Santa. Santa’s duty was to prepare Christmas gifts. Every Santa read the children’s wish cards carefully and went on filling the gift boxes. They were constantly on the move to purchased a variety of gifts including toys, school supplies, clothes, etc. tailored to children’s age and get the gifts written on the children’s wish cards. They themselves made Christmas cards and lovey dolls which would enhance children’s emotional stability and put them in the gift boxes. Receiving the gifts they looked forward to from Santa, they smiled from ear to ear.

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Another gift ― a happy day
The end was yet to come. Santas arranged a special event and Christmas party as well for the children of single-parent families. Children made the Christmas tree and ornamented it along with Santas. They also saw the magic show and had a chance to play a one-day magician on the stage. Mothers attended the self-regard class where they had an opportunity to turn to themselves. The children had fun participating in a variety of programs together with Santas and their mothers felt happy at the sight of them. Their hearts that had frozen hard for ages melted.

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Thanks to the sponsors’ sharing,706 children could get their Christmas wishes.The ‘Miracle of Christmas 2019’ campaign stagedby Social Welfare Society, Inc. will hopefully beremembered as an unforgettable memory. Merry Christmas to everybody~!