Special first-birthday party
On Nov. 20, a special party took place at Social Welfare Society, Inc. It was a joint first-birthday party staged for the little children who were in the care of foster families after parting with their birth parents and waiting to be adopted. As the children dressed up in amazing hanbok came on the scene, the birthday song was belted out.

Standing in front of the feast table, Tae-min smiled brilliantly at the camera as if he had read the minds of everybody wanting to take a beautiful picture in celebration of his first birthday. The doljabi ritual followed. When he reached out to grab the writing brush, a gust of laughter and a shout of glee broke out boisterously. His foster mother had mixed feelings. “Tae-min was diagnosed with epilepsy last June. He marks his first birthday today after all the examination and treatment he has stood, although he still continues to go through them. I’m so proud of him. I wish he would meet a forever family early and celebrate his birthday more happily next year.”

Social Welfare Society, Inc. throws a first-birthday party every month for the sake of children requiring protection like Tae-min. In a year are approximately 250 children on average left alone in this country right after birth and taken into the care of Social Welfare Society, Inc. While some children meet adoptive families where they can celebrate their first birthday with their adoptive parents, many more children do not. Child Support Section Manager of Social Welfare Society, Inc. Hye-jeong Park gives an explanation, “It’s a meaningful event staged to celebrate our children who are left lonely on their birthdays as the period of waiting for adoption grows longer. The first-birthday party owes to sponsorship and talent donation for its opening.

Professional host Seong-jin Cho introduces the monthly first-birthday party for which Like Spring Studio takes commemorative photographs and Benessi provides the feast table in the form of talent donation. Being of the same mind feeling a disposition to help children requiring protection, they have been standing by Social Welfare Society, Inc. for about 10 years. Questioned about their feelings, they made a reply. “We’re pleased to be able to take part in the significant event. We wish that all children would celebrate their birthdays in the bosom of their families, so the day joint first-birthday parties do not have to be held any more would come.” Keeping their wish in mind, Social Welfare Society, Inc. will work hard to help children requiring protection have a happy future.

* The joint first-birthday party for children requiring to be protected is sponsored by Suhyang Networks.