Emergency Support Program for Vulnerable Families

Bring your strength together to support the children and low-income families to fight through this national crisis! 

Last January 20th the first confirmed case of ‘Corona Virus Disease 19’ occurred in Korea and since then, the virus has been rapidly spreading, faster than expected. If the children that are living in care facilities and foster homes apart from their birth parents are exposed to the virus it could possibly lead to an extremely dangerous situation. 

Social Welfare Society is planning to supply preventive equipment such as masks and sanitizers to vulnerable groups that have higher possibility of being affected by Coronavirus such as infants and children that are living in group facilities and single-parent families and also to low-income families that cannot afford personal hygiene. 

Also, low-income families that are hardly making ends meet through day labor and part-time work are also adversely affected to maintain their daily lives due to quarantine orders followed by the rise in confirmed cases of Coronavirus. Such situation is expected to continue for an extended period of time and low-income families will be in desparate need for everyday necessities. Please bring your strength together to support the children and low0income families to fight through this unprecedented national crisis. 

[Internal Survey Result on Necessary Equipment for Corona19 Protection]

Your donation will be prioritized for the safety of infants and children that have weaker immunization system. Virus protection equipment and daily necessities will be supplied nationwide starting with crisis areas such as Daegu and Gyeongsangbuk-do. 

Special Support for Daegu : Ingater Neilsarang Youth Center, foster homes 

Infant and Children Care Facilities Nationwide : Seoul Babies' Reception Home, Gwangju Babies' Reception Home, Nothern Gyeonggi Babies' Reception Home, Uijeongbu Babies' Reception Home, Geonnam Ehwa Babies' Home  and others

Children Care Facilities Nationwide : Northern Gyeonggi Foster Home Care Support Center and others

Single Parent Family Support Facilities Nationwide : Seoul Open House, Busan Sarangsaem, Gwangju Pyunhanjip, Gwangju Woorijip, Jeonnam Little Mom's Net and others

Foster Homes for Infants and Children Nationwide

Single Parent Families Nationwide

Care Facilities for People with DisabilitiesAmsa Rehabilitation Center and Others

Care Facilities for Seniors : Uijeongbu Senior Citizens' Welfare Center, Uijeongbu Senior Club, Gangdong-gu Haegong Senior Citizens' WelfareCenter, Gangdong-gu Haegong Day Care Center, Gangnam Senior Plaza and others

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